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WeWOOD Watches Reviews, History and Quality

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind timepiece, the WeWOOD watches reviews collections are a great place to start. Although the exterior of these watches is entirely constructed of wood, they nevertheless have the precision features, comfortable wear, and high-end movements that you’d expect from a premium watchmaker. Because the texture of wood and delicate tones give handmade beauty – something that other watches cannot achieve – each watch from this manufacturer is unique in its presentation.

WeWood also has you covered if you’re worried about the environment. Sustainability initiatives are driving the construction of every WeWOOD watch, according to every WeWOOD watch review. If you order a watch from this strap, WeWOOD will plant a tree as well. This helps protect the environment and gives you a stylish new watch to wear every day.

History of WeWOOD watches

History Wewood watches reviews

WeWOOD is an Italian watch company that was created in Florence. In 2009, the first timepiece developed under this brand name, and the first branch store opened in Los Angeles in 2010. WeWOOD has planted trees for every watch sold since the company’s inception. They partnered with tree planting nonprofits to complement their efforts, including Trees For The Future and American Forests.

Even though the firm does not name its founders on its website, an examination of the trademark application reveals that Alessandro Rosano, Daniele Guidi, and Emma Bogren created the brand. Fratelli Diversi was the name of the first firm.

With their sustainability initiatives, WeWOOD was able to plant 7,000 trees in 2010. WeWood has produced approximately 420,000 trees since 2011, with intentions to reach its full target by 2020. This watchmaker wants you to be as happy and healthy as the woods they’re striving to protect.

Top-quality watches

WeWOOD watches are known for their high quality. Consumers have reported a problem or two with these watches in numerous reviews and forum conversations. Still, WeWood has been extremely proactive in resolving the issue and promptly returning the watch to the customer.

Customers had posted online reviews stating that they adore their WeWOOD watch. Even when one of the dials stopped working, customer service was excellent and painless in resolving the issue.

It’s rare to find complaints regarding the quality of WeWood watches. Most of the complaints we discovered on online retailers or through the Better Business Bureau concern people seeking to return a present that they haven’t worn or don’t want. WeWOOD does not have a direct refund policy.

Because they are wooden timepieces, harsh treatment during the in-transit procedure is occasionally a concern. It may cause problems. As a result, we strongly suggest that WeWOOD watches be purchased through Amazon. You will be able to thoroughly safeguard your purchase with Amazon’s return assurances, especially when paired with payment guarantees from suppliers like Visa or PayPal on select accounts, in the unusual event that something occurs to your new wooden watch before you can wear it.

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WeWOOD watches made by:

Japan provides technology for these mechanisms. Watch elements have been created in Indonesia and China.

After that, each timepiece’s components are hand-assembled in-house. It’s worth noting that WeWOOD watches produced in California are subject to several stringent laws governing the use of timber materials, including Proposition 65. WeWood complies with or surpasses these standards at all times.

The watch is built completely of wood, but for the pins, buckles, batteries, glass and movement. Watches of different shades are made from different types of wood; Stains do not change the colour of the wood. These timepieces are not water-resistant since they are hypoallergenic and have never been treated with chemicals.

Limited warranty on WeWOOD watches

WeWOOD gives all of its clients a 2-year limited guarantee on all of its goods. It includes flaws with the watch’s materials or artistry. Since this watch is made of wood, the user must take proactive steps to ensure that the wood parts of the watch are kept in good condition.

All watches sold in the United States are additionally covered by WeWood’s “1-Year Free Peace of Mind” warranty. For the first 12 months after purchase, you’ll get the regular WeWOOD guarantee on all parts, as well as shipping labels back and forth from your house to the nearest repair facility if something goes wrong with your watch.

WeWood now provides US clients with the option to extend the Free Peace of Mind warranty for an extra year for an additional $10 at the time of purchase.

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WeWOOD watches price

WeWOOD watches are among the best in the business today if you like the concept of wearing a wooden watch. Their design is natural, sustainable and allows you to create exactly the fashionable mood you want.

The bulk of the collections are priced in the $150 area, so if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind item, this is a good investment. If you know each WeWOOD watch review carefully, you should be capable of finding the best watch for yourself precisely now.


This article includes a review of the Wewood watch. The shell and frequently the strap of WeWOOD watches are made from all-natural repurposed hypoallergenic wood. Different wood species are utilised to create various finishes, and no chemical dyes or colourants are employed. Of course, the watch’s glass and mechanism aren’t included in this.


WeWOOD watches are produced in the United States?

WeWOOD watch designs are created in Italy, while the watches are produced in Indonesia and China. The firm has offices in Lamporecchio and Los Angeles.

What is the total number of trees that WeWOOD has planted?

WeWOOD has planted over 600,000 trees with its partners since 2011 and has set ambitious goals for 2017 and beyond.

Are WeWOOD timepieces water-resistant?

WEWOOD IS WATER-RESISTANT, RIGHT? It’s not waterproof, but it’s splash-proof! It’s OK in the kitchen and even on the beach, but don’t go swimming with WeWOOD! When wet, the wood expands somewhat, much like any other natural material, reducing the flexibility of the links.

What is the procedure for removing links from my Wewood watch?

To remove links, loosen the SCREW using a screwdriver or flat head and pull it out with a tweezer or your fingertips until the desired size is reached. To remove the screw from the link, press it out with the end of a paperclip if necessary. Keep the screws to reattach the clasp to the band.

What is the procedure for changing the battery in my wooden watch?

Remove the watch’s wooden rear plate and twist it open carefully. Pry the battery out using the screwdriver’s tip. It should be simple to remove. Place the new battery in the socket, making sure it is inserted correctly.

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