Stuhrling Watches Reviews

Stuhrling Watches Reviews

A watch is more than simply a timepiece. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork that deserves to be praised. Watches were formerly considered a symbol of riches and social position. Today’s timepieces are, to put it mildly, unique. Almost anyone may purchase a watch. Most do so because they see it as a piece of jewelry or a fashion item, rather than because it can tell time (they have a smartphone that can do that, plus more).

Stuhrling watches are all about attractive, innovative designs at a reasonable price. They want to stand out while also being more approachable to the general population. That is now possible thanks to technology, new assembly processes, and product outsourcing. As a result, the brand is well-positioned in the mid-market.

Stuhrling watches are visually magnificent and elegant, frequently outperforming the bulk of world-famous timepieces from well-known manufacturers. However, the cheap costs at which the watches are marketed naturally raises concerns about the company’s wearables’ quality. The following Stuhrling watch review covers everything you need to know about the brand, starting from its history and manufacturing locations to the watches’ quality standards and most noteworthy collections.

Stuhrling Watches History:

Stuhrling stands out among the well-known watch companies as a newcomer to the industry. The American firm began selling watches online in 2002 and has remained committed to conducting business only online to this day. This approach has nothing wrong, but it is rare, especially in the long-established and tradition-rich watch business.

Leaving aside the specific business model, the men behind the company appear to have a wealth of experience. Stuhrling Original’s creator and CEO, Chaim Fischer, has worked in the watch industry for decades. Max Stuhrling IV, the great-grandson of Swiss jeweller Max Stuhrling, is in the same boat. His watchmaking expertise aided the brand’s online launch in 2002, which has led to the sale of over 4,000 distinct models and millions of watches.

Even though one of the founding members of Stuhrling has a Swiss background and most likely a Swiss production, the majority of the components are still made in China, except the quartz movements, which are made in Japan.  On the other hand, the watches are assembled and manufactured in Shenzhen, China, which explains the low rates at which they offer their eye-catching timepieces.


It’s useless to claim that Chinese quality is on par with Swiss or Japanese. We’ve seen the criteria that the two countries have set, so there’s nothing more to say. However, calling Chinese items “junk” is also a gross exaggeration. The days of all things originating from that region of the world lasting the same amount of time as a one-day butterfly are long gone. Quality standards have improved through time, technology has been updated, and those working in the sector have gained expertise in producing high-quality items. Of course, there is still some catching up in quality control, but Chinese manufacturing is no longer considered garbage.

Quality, on the other hand, has a subjective connotation. Examining the materials and mechanisms used by Stuhrling watches is one of the techniques to determine their quality. After studying Stuhrling watches, the first thing that stands out is the high quality of the materials used.


316L stainless steel is used in almost all watch casings, a popular material in wristwatches. There is no compromise here because it is long-lasting and dependable. The Stuhrling brand’s signature Krysterna crystal is utilized across the whole watch range. The glass shatters- and is scratch-resistant, and it is regarded as a solid substance.

Stuhrling Watch for men

The shatter resistance of Krysterna is more robust than that of sapphire crystal, the most sought-after substance. Scratch resistance and anti-reflectivity, on the other hand, fall short in the comparison.

Stainless steel, rubber, and leather are used to make the bands. In the higher-end watches, exotic crocodile, alligator, and lizard-embossed bands give a little spice to Stuhrling’s collection. That is also why Stuhrling timepieces are frequently regarded as one of the best sources of inexpensive leather timepieces.

Watch Movement:

The movements, perhaps the most crucial element of wristwatches, are primarily made in Japan and China. Though more costly models use Swiss automatic movements with a good reputation, and Japanese quartz calibres won’t let you down. The Chinese movement used in Stuhrling’s mechanical watches remains the largest source of worry when evaluating their quality.

Watch Movement

Opulent design:

When every other model appears like a several-thousand-dollar work of art, the most crucial benefit of Stuhrling is the unmatched design. Fortunately, you have to pay a fraction of that with this brand. The crown jewels of the design are tourbillon and skeleton watches. In terms of the look of these watches, only a few brands in the world can compete with Stuhrling, and those few are top-tier luxury brands.

Stuhrling Watch for women

Several Stuhrling timepieces are included in our list of the finest skeleton watches. So, if that’s something you’re interested in, go ahead and look them up.

A large number of options:

There are many different watches and models to choose from, so there is something for everyone. There are aviator and diving watches, dress and stopwatch function wristwear, as well as the skeletons and tourbillons described before. Automatic watches account for around half of the timepieces on offer, with quartz and manual mechanical choices. Aside from the style, another significant benefit is the low price, since most watches cost between $50 and $300.

Warranty & Shipping:

Stuhrling offers free shipping inside the United States, with a delivery period of 3-5 business days, so your brand-new wristwatch will be in your hands with no additional expenses within a week of purchase. The terms and restrictions apply to purchases made on the homepage.

The great majority of nations are eligible for free delivery is good news for international clients. Free delivery is provided during special promotions, combination packs, or other similar conditions. The normal delivery period is 10 to 20 days. All of the watches are covered by a two-year guarantee, which is typical for most brand watches offered nowadays.

A defective or malfunctioning movement is covered by the warranty and will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you. The battery in quartz timepieces is insured for one year.


Stuhrling offers numerous models to select from if you’re searching for a nice-looking watch to wear regularly. Only limited-edition timepieces qualify if you’re searching for a watch that will hold or increase in value in the future. The Stuhrling is a mid-range, attractive, everyday wear watch, not a high-end collector’s item.


What is the average lifespan of a Stuhrling watch?

Our automatic movements typically feature a 36-hour power reserve, which means that when completely wound, your watch will run for 36 hours. You’ll need to rewind your watch after this reserve has been depleted.

Who created the Stuhrling timepieces?

Stührling is an American firm that develops and distributes timepieces and their accessories. It started in New York in 1999. Max Stührling, a skilled watchmaker who resided in Switzerland in the late 1800s, was resurrected by the firm. Chaim Fischer founded the brand.

Are Stuhrling watches battery-operated?

Stuhrling watches, like many other high-end timepieces, are powered by a battery. The battery will occasionally run out of power and need to be changed for the watch to function. A single tool is used to replace the battery in a Stuhrling watch. Check to see whether your Stuhrling timepiece is pressured.

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