Best Skeleton Watches For Men

Best Skeleton Watches For Men 2020

Watches come in all sizes, shapes, and designs, and there is a unique design known as the skeleton. It is a perfectly stylish and unique timepiece for men. A skeleton watch gives you the pleasure of seeing what is going on inside a watch. It has a transparent casing and shows the inner mechanism of a watch. There is a term known as ‘true skeletonization,’ in which a watch is bare of all non-vital metal on its mechanical parts and left with only movement gear that is needed for a watch to function. Such watches are known as skeleton watches, and you can see the gear moving in every motion clearly. Also, here we will show you the best skeleton watches for men so you can buy this fascinating timepiece for yourself or your friend.

Skeleton watches work just like standard watches, and the only difference it holds is the transparent casing, which is the prominent trait. It is more of a fashion style or statement than a timepiece because if you put a standard watch beside it, then you may see no difference. The only difference between watches is of material, and a watch with better quality material and features are superior. The skeleton watches may look fragile due to see-through glass, but they work the same and on durable material as standard watches.

With everything on display in skeleton watches, you can easily spot if any of the gear is not working correctly. Whereas in other watches, it is hard to assume what is causing problems in a watch. This way, you can take note of the cleanliness of the watch too if you see water build-up inside in case of exposing it to deep water. Even in waterproof watches, small droplet forms inside, and you can see everything easily and can clean it yourself.

Skeleton watches come in different designs too; in some watches, the whole gear and mechanism are on display while some show just small parts of it. In this article of the best skeleton watches for men, we have reviewed both such watches, and you can buy them according to your preference.

Lastly, it works on mechanical or automatic wind movement. You either wind it yourself, or it gets power by your hand movement. Some may call it old fashion, but these hold their own unique style and status. It may not be as reliable as quartz and has a sophisticated design. Nonetheless, it is a great investment and makes an attractive timepiece to complement your look. Due to intricate design, skeleton watches are a durable, status symbol, and expensive, but some may fall under your budget.

Here we have reviewed the best skeleton watches for men counting from luxury to affordable range. Within a detailed view of their features, you will surely like them and buy one for yourself or to gift a friend.

TAG Heuer Carrera Men’s Watch Skeleton Dial

TAG Heuer Carrera Men’s Watch Skeleton Dial

Case  Material
Case dimensions:  43mm
Dial Glass:  Sapphire Crystal
Band:  Rubber
Movement:  Swiss Automatic
Extra features:  Chronograph, 50 Hour Power Reserve, TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 01, Swiss made, Tachymeter fixed bezel, date, 100m water resistant, luminescent indexes and hands

According to Tag Heuer’s website, this watch was made as a tribute to the Carrera Panamericana auto race in the 1960s. It is also stated that “this watch broke traditional watchmaking rules and was the first chronograph specifically designed for professional drivers. but perfect for speeding down the open road or cruising through daily life thanks to a more simple, more elegant, more readable design.”

The prominent trait this watch holds is the classy black finish and Rhodium-plated luminous indexes. It is an epitome of classic beauty with its sophisticated color and design. It has a tachymeter scale on the black ceramic bezel and servers chronograph function. Polished stainless steel was used in its case construction and had anti-scratch and reflective and durable sapphire crystal as a dial glass. Whereas for a band, it serves rubber strap, which firmly holds the wrist and may not be as good as other wristbands.

As most skeleton watches, it works on self-winding automatic movement, and it can reserve power for 50 hours.  Moreover, it is barely 100m water-resistant and can withstand occasional water splashes. Lastly, the dial looks classy and stylish with see-through back and luminous indexes and hands. It is a luxury brand, and this watch is no exception and comes at a hefty price.

Good Bad
Elegant design Rubber strap
Useful features
Durable construction

Review On AmazonHamilton Men’s Open Heart Watch

Hamilton Men's Open Heart Watch

Case Material StainlessSteel
Case dimensions 40x11mm
Dial Glass Sapphire Crystal
Band Leather
Movement Automatic
Extra features 50m water-resistant, Hours/ Minutes/ Seconds, Luminous display

Unlike the previous watch, which has all inner parts on display, this watch only shows a fraction, and it plays a role in an attractive and unique design. It is a simple yet beautiful analog design that shows only a sneak peek of what is behind. Due to its unique cut-out design, the watch is perfect for both special occasions and everyday use.

Watch has a silver finish stainless steel case, a luminous display, and sapphire crystal glass. On the luminous dial, hands, indexes, and four Arabic numerals are of rose gold color, which makes a nice contrast with silver bezel. It works on Swiss automatic mechanisms and has a power reserve of 80 hours. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 50 meters only and comes with a leather band.

Overall it is an intricate yet simple dress watch with durable built and vibe of class to it. You can rock it with any formal wear or casual gear.

Good Bad
Unique dial design No extra features
Good for both dress and casual wear
More than 3 days of power reservence

Review On AmazonMaurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton Watch

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton Watch

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions  43x13mm
Dial Glass Sapphire crystal
Band Leather
Movement Self winder
Extra features 50m water resistant

Among all watches, it has the most skeleton look due to the complete transparent front and back. The watch only has time indication hands and a small dial on the side for a day hour. You can practically see all the bits and pieces of internal components and watch it wind and work. It looks unique and classic in its own way. You can see the gear inside is minimal and has only those parts that will show time.

The glass is made of durable, anti-scratch, and reflective sapphire glass. Its casing is robust and does not break or damage easily due to stainless steel. Watch s only 50m water-resistant, which is the lowest level, and you should not expose it to water. On the other hand, if water gets inside, you can clearly see due to transparent display and can open and clean it for it to work properly.

To sum up, it’s simple yet unique and a great looking timepiece. You can wear this watch on formal occasions and enhance our look. Also, it is available in both black and brown leather straps.

Good Bad
Most unique design Not water-resistant
Leather strap comes in two colors

Review On AmazonMaurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton Automatic Watch

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton Automatic Watch

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 45x17mm
Dial Glass Sapphire Glass
Band Leather
Movement Automatic Self Winder
Extra features Chronograph, Luminous, Screw down crown, 330 feet water-resistant

Maurice Lacroix is a swiss brand for 40 years, and it is relatively new as compared to other brands that have been established for over a century. It presents great looking and best watches in every category; one such example is this watch and above mentioned. This watch is a masterpiece in both functionality and design.

It features a stainless steel case with 18k silver gold bezel and transparent front and back. This edition of watch is all silver, whereas another edition features rose gold accents. On top, glass is made of anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and inside, it hosts an automatic self winder with 25 jewels that guarantee a 48-hours power reserve.

Just like the above watch, it is completely see-through too, and you can see bridges, disks, and wheels behind a transparent 30-minute chronograph scale. It can withstand water splashes due to 100m water-resistant traits. Along with alligator leather strap, it makes a perfect expensive dress watch to wear on formal occasions.

This watch will surely make you a lover of mechanical and skeleton watches due to the gorgeous design. Just like other watches, it comes at a hefty price and is completely worth the investment.

Good Bad
Gorgeous design Lack of our marks
Luminous hands Prone to water damage
Perfect dress watch

Review On Amazon Piaget Altiplano Black and Silver Dial

 Piaget Altiplano Black and Silver Dial

Case Material 18Kt White Gold
Case dimensions 38x3mm
Dial Glass Sapphire Glass
Band Leather
Movement Mechanical Hand Wind
Extra features Hour, Minute, Second, 20m water-resistant

Piaget Altiplano is a well-known luxury watch brand famous for making thinnest and classy watches and even has set world records. This watch model shows just all these thinnest, skeletons, and luxury watch traits. It is one of the thinnest mechanical watches and has an 18 karat white gold bezel and case. On the website, about the watch casing, it is stated that “Housing both the caliber and the case, the case back was itself machine-tooled to accommodate the mechanical components. This most complex of architectures also required the reverse construction of the movement, with bridges fitted on the dial side, thus rendering them visible and requiring close attention to aesthetics.”

It is indeed aesthetically pleasing from color scheme to the simplest design and expensive due to gold casing. The white and silver skeleton display shows time in a small dial on the side. It complements its classy and elegant look with a black alligator leather strap. Moreover, it works on mechanical hand-wind mechanisms and can preserve power for 40 hours. It is not at all water-resistant like other watches, and can only withstand splashes while washing hands.

Good Bad
Aesthetic design Not water resistant and extra features
18k white gold case
Thinnest case

Review On AmazonBell & Ross Aviation AERO GT Limited Edition Men’s Watch

Bell & Ross Aviation AERO GT Limited Edition Men's Watch

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 42mm
Dial Glass Sapphire Glass
Band Leather
Movement Swiss Automatic
Extra features Date, Chronograph, 100m water-resistant, Luminescent hands and hour marks.

This skeleton watch, from top to bottom, is a definition of class and durability.  It is stylish and goes best with a suit. The case is made of polished stainless steel that makes its strong and prevents dents and damage. Next, the glass is also scratch-resistant and robust due to Sapphire crystal, which is the strongest after diamond. Both materials prevent the watch from getting any external damage and protect the complex inner parts.

The dial is entirely see-through except the thick 60 minutes tachymeter mark and long indexes that make the nice boundary. It has different sub-dials for hours, minutes, and seconds mark and even has a date window. Moreover, hands and hour marks are luminous, which makes it easy to see the time, even in a dim setting.

Lastly, the leather band of dual-color completes the look with black and red contrast. Overall, the watch is a complete package with everything at its perfection. Due to this, it came at an insanely high price and considered a luxury item.

Good Bad
Solid construction Quite Expensive
Finest at its peak
Gorgeous design

Review On AmazonTissot Men’s T0704051641100

Tissot Men's T0704051641100

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 43x12mm
Dial Glass Sapphire Glass
Band Leather
Movement Mechanical Hand Wind
Extra features Luminous indexes and hands, 50m water-resistant

It is one of the luxury skeleton watches which looks good and feels good. It shows its internal gear on full display, which adds a layer of beauty and allows you to see and get fascinated with its inner working. It works on mechanical hand-wind movement, which does not require batteries but hand movement, which generates power and preserves it for days. Due to a lack of batteries, the inner structure is simple, and you can easily see it working.

It has an index on the very outer edge and has luminous hands. You can see the sub-dial for seconds at 9 o’clock position, which is a distinctive feature of this watch. It is not suitable for taking it underwater and can only stand splashes.

It’s a high-quality watch and has a high price even on sale. Moreover, it is a quality investment for both collectors and non-collectors. Overall, it has a beautiful and sophisticated design that will surely wow anyone who takes a look at it.

Good Bad
Sophisticated design Expensive
Good quality investment

Review On AmazonReef Tiger Luminous Sport Watches Mens

Reef Tiger Luminous Sport Watches Mens

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 44x12mm
Dial Glass Sapphire Glass
Band Leather
Movement Automatic Self Winder
Extra features Year, Month, Date, Day, 50m water-resistant, luminous dot markers

Reef tigers offer this watch in different colors for men of a different taste. It is the first sports skeleton watch on our list, and it doesn’t disappoint in any way. It has a robust build with a sophisticated yet stylish design. It has sub-dials for year and month at 12 o’clock, date at 3 o’clock and day at 9 o’clock. You can easily set and see time anytime, along with analog time. Moreover, it has a luminous index marker that makes it easy to see the time even in dim light,

It works on automatic self-wind movement, has the ball-shape black steel case and anti-scratch sapphire crystal. Instead of a fully transparent front, it has a transparent back from which you can see the inner working. Lastly, it is not waterproof due to the 50m limit only.

Good Bad
Sports design Only transparent from back.
Available in different colors

Review On AmazonFossil Men’s ME3041 Townsman

Fossil Men's ME3041 Townsman

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 44x12mm
Dial Glass Mineral
Band Leather
Movement Automatic Self Winder
Extra features Measures seconds, 165 feet water-resistant

Fossil has been known for its exquisite and precise attention to detail watches, and you can see such traits in this skeleton watch too. It has completely transparent mineral glass on front and back and displays the complex gear and motion of the watch. It looks elegant due to the silver-tone stainless steel casing and grey leather band.

The dial is all silver-tone too with rose gold hands and has roman numerals, which adds beauty to the watch. It has a low water-proof level, and I do not recommend taking it swimming or bathing. It gets powered by the kinetic movement and fuel itself and preserves the power for at least three days.

To sum it up, it is a classy and elegant watch that can go for a long time and be worth your investment.

Good Bad
Elegant design Mineral glass
Self power Non-luminous hands
Good for casual wear

Review On AmazonBulova Men’s Brown 96A120 BVA Series Dual Aperture Dial Watch

Bulova Men's Brown 96A120 BVA Series Dual Aperture Dial Watch

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 41x11mm
Dial Glass  Mineral
Band Leather
Movement Japanese Automatic
Extra features 330 feet water-resistant, sub-dials

Unlike the full transparent casing skeleton watch, this Bulovo’s watch only gives you a tease of what is inside.  With the roman numerals, mesmerizing motion of gear, full analog display, and intricate crown design, you get the most polished watch. It is made with stainless steel along with mineral glass windows and offers 330 feet of water-resistant. Moreover, it has a calfskin brown leather band that completes the look with silver bezel and brown patterned and rose gold dial.

It is available in different colors too so you can choose according to your taste and enhance your look. Bulova’s watches are robust, and you will face no issue with this watch in the long run and make a good investment.

Good Bad
Affordable Mineral glass
Robust design
Available in different colors

Review On AmazonStührling Original Men’s Watch

Stührling Original Men’s Watch

Case Material Stainless steel
Case dimensions 46x15mm
Dial Glass Krysterna Glass
Band Leather
Movement Automatic Self-winder
Extra features Calendar, dual-time-display, 165feet water-resistant, Day/Night cycle dial

Stührling’s automatic watch is the most affordable skeleton watch amidst the insanely pricey list. It not only comes at a reasonable price but also has the most stylish look with attractive features. This handsome watch is durable and available in different dial colors.

On the dial, you get the full display of the inner mechanism from the front and back due to transparent glass. Moreover, it has hour indexes and a dial that also shows time. You can set two time zones in it. The distinct and prominent feature is the day/night cycle dial that rotates every 12 hours and adds points to the watch’s overall look.

It uses your arm movement to wind itself and can preserve power from the movement for days. A luminous dial or hand is more convenient, but this watch does not come with such a feature; nonetheless, you can see time despite the light setting most of the time.

Lastly, it has a genuine alligator embossed leather band, which further completes the look of the watch and makes it more gorgeous. It is not waterproof and should avoid water contact to the maximum if you want it to run for a long time. Overall, it is an affordable and stylish watch that you can wear casually or on special occasions.

Good Bad
Affordable Not waterproof
Gorgeous dial
Fits all style

Review On AmazonBulova Men’s Automatic-self-Wind Watch

Bulova Men's Automatic-self-Wind Watch

Case Material Stainless Steel
Case dimensions 46x13mm
Dial Glass Synthetic Sapphire Crystal
Ban Stainless Steel
Movement Automatic Self Winder
Extra features Calendar, hour, minute, seconds, 100m water resistant

Last on our list for best skeleton watches is the Bulovo’s automatic-self winder watch. Unlike the watches mentioned above, this one looks rather flashy and fancy due to its gold color. It is stylish and beautiful that you can wear at fancy events. You get the sneak peek of the inner working of a watch behind a subdial.

It has a two-tone gold stainless steel casing and wrist band which look different from other sophisticated looking watches. The dial also has gold accents on indexes, hands, and sub-dial, and the glass on it is made up of synthetic sapphire crystal. Moreover, it works on automatic mechanisms and preserves power for up to 40 hours.

This exceptional timepiece is water-resistant up to 100m, which makes it waterproof enough to wear it while swimming and snorkeling but not suitable for diving.

Good Bad
Robust and attractive Not for small wrists
Flashy and fancy


Here we have reviewed the best skeleton watches for men. The skeleton watches have been in fashion and considered a luxury item totally worth your can find some affordable too, but expensive ones are a good investment too. These are stylish and unique in their own way and gives a classic vibe.

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