Best Digital Watches For Men Under 50

Best Digital Watches For Men Under 50 2020

A watch is a must-have accessory that never goes out of style, and its new models keep coming every year. Even with the advancement of smartwatches, people still prefer the old style and simple digital watches that are most reliable and inexpensive. Best digital watches for men comes at every price range, but here we are focusing on 50 dollars budget range.

When buying a watch, you should always check its specs to get the best purchase. In the case of digital watches, quartz movement is the most reliable, and judging by price category, you will mostly get resin case. The resin material is also durable and does not damage or wear off quickly. Digital watches not only display time but also offers many features. This includes calendar, stopwatch, timer with time intervals, alarm, and backlight. Also, it is good to buy a watch that is shock resistant and as well as water-resistant of up to 50m at least.Here we have reviewed best digital watches for men under 50 dollars with in-depth mention of their features and usefulness.

Casio Men’s ‘G-Shock’ Sport Watch

Casio Men's 'G-Shock' Sport Watch

Case  Resin
Dimensions 48x43mm
Mechanism Quartz
Glass Mineral
Strap Resin
Features Day-Date-Month, 660 feet Water-resistant, Shock Resistant, Alarm, EL Backlight with afterglow, 24Hr stopwatch, and countdown timer

Casio’s G-Shock series features sturdy and durable watches meant for outdoor activities and does not fail to impress its users. You will find most of them expensive, but this watch costs less than 50 dollars and comes with useful specs. Both case and the strap are made up of resin which provides shock-resistant and protects the watch from damage when fall.

The round dial displays digital time along with full calendar and specifications. It works on a Quartz mechanism and has EL backlight with afterglow controlled by a button. Moreover, the G-Shock watch has an auto calendar, multi-function alarm, stopwatch, 12/24 hour format time, and countdown timer. It can go through 200m water-resistant, which is suitable for water sports, marine activity but not for deep diving. It is a great and affordable watch that men can wear daily and as well as for outdoor sports. Casio always makes the best watches and offers plenty of useful features for its customers.

Good Bad
Sturdy build Scracthable glass
Useful features

Review On AmazonTimex Full-Size Ironman Classic 100 Watch

Timex Full-Size Ironman Classic 100 Watch

Case Resin
Dimensions 44x12mm
Mechanism Quartz
Glass Acrylic
Strap Resin
Features Calendar, Chronograph, 100m Water resistant, 24hr countdown timer, customizable alarm, two time zones, Indiglo backlit dial

Timex is a reliable name in the world of watches, and every kind of watch it offers is pretty useful, elegant, and affordable. The Ironman classic 100 is one of the best digital watches for men that comes under 50 and has the functionality of everyday use. Indiglo backlit is the most prominent feature which you can activate just by flicking your wrist and see the time even in the dark. Its case and strap come in durable resin material that does not damage easily and can withstand the intense environment. The acrylic dial glass is merely a hardened plastic and prone to scratches if not being careful with it.

The round dial shows the digital time along with a full day-date-month calendar and am/pm indication in case you are using 12hours mode; also, you can choose 24hrmode as per your preference. In everyday life, we have to measure time for several reasons, either running, taking a break, making time divided schedule, and for this reason, countdown timer comes in handy. This watch features a 100-hour chronograph, interval timer, 24-hour countdown, and up to five customizable alarms; also, it can set 2 time zones.

Lastly, despite a low price, the watch is water-resistant up to 1000m and withstands snorkeling and swimming but not diving. To sum it up, Timex never fails with its watches, and this affordable watch is the perfect example. You can wear it daily and even when working out without worrying about damaging it.

Good Bad
Durable and dependable Plastic dial glass
Practical features

Review On AmazonPALADA Men’s Digital Sports Watch

PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch

Case ABS Plastic
Dimensions 50x16mm
Mechanism Japanese Quartz
Glass Acrylic
Strap Rubber
Features Day-Date-Month, LED backlight, Shock resistant, Stopwatch, 50m water-resistant, alarm clock, 12/24 hour format.

Palda’s digital sports watch is the cheapest and yet has an attractive look along with handy features. Available in all gray plastic case and rubber strap it is a great deal for men who wants a nice watch under low budget. It runs on a quartz mechanism, the most dependable hand-movement in the long run. Most importantly, it comes with an LED light that you can use just by pressing a button and see time in dim light.

The round digital display shows time and calender in large numbers, and other than this, it features stopwatch and countdown timer. On the bezel, you can see a chronograph scale and directions indicator, which helps in outdoor activities. Moreover, you can set the time format to 12 or 24hours. Lastly, the watch is shock and 50m water resistant that can withstand fall and water splashes.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a digital watch for outdoor activities like running, hiking, or fishing and has a low budget, then this watch is a great steal. It offers every handy feature that you need and does not fail its users.

Good Bad
Super cheap Low-quality glass
Attractive design
Practical feature for outdoor sports

Review On AmazonCasio Men’s Vintage A168WA-1

Casio Men's Vintage A168WA-1

Case Plastic
Dimensions 32x7mm
Mechanism Quartz
Glass Mineral
Strap Stainless Steel
Features Calendar, alarm, 1/100 stopwatch, luminous, 30m water-resistant

Casio’s vintage watch for men comes in all classic looks that never run out of fashion and has useful features. It has all silver plastic casing and stainless steel back, bezel, and bracelet. It features LED light to make it easy for its users to see time in the dark.

The digital dial shows time in big numbers with am/pm indication and calendar. Watch also has additional features like alarm, countdown timer, hourly indicator, and stopwatch. They all help to measure time accurately and never lose anything due to alarm. It runs on a powerful Quartz movement and has a battery life of up to seven years.

As the name suggests, it is vintage in every aspect and still considered as a fashion accessory with useful features. On top of all, it is affordable and lasts for a long time.

Good Bad
Attractive design Plastic casing
Convenient features
Long battery life

Review On AmazonTimex Men’s Expedition Digital Shock CAT

Timex Men's Expedition Digital Shock CAT

Case Resin
Dimensions 45x16mm
Mechanism Quartz
Glass Acrylic
Strap Resin
Features Calendar, alarm, chronograph, timer, stopwatch,   Indiglo night-light,  water-resistant, shock-resistant

Timex’s Expedition shock digital watch is specially designed for severe outdoor activities. It has a durable and lightweight resin case that holds quartz hand movement and makes it a reliable watch in case of tough times. Also, the resin strap with an adjustable buckle can fit any size wrist and keep it firmly on. The round dial clock shows basic digital time and calendar, and it lits up due to Indiglo light when in the dark to see time conveniently.

It offers many features like stopwatch, timer, and alarm, which are very useful when you are doing something that needs time precision, mostly like outdoor sports or work. Watch is shock resistant according to I.SO standards, which shows it can withstand any tough activity. Moreover, it is suitable for swimming and snorkeling but not diving due to 100m water resistance.

To conclude, this affordable and durable watch is great for outdoor sports or workout; it does not wear off in a long time and can be your companion through every activity.

Good Bad
Durable resin case Plastic glass
Shock and water-resistant
Timers and alarms

Review On AmazonCasio A168WG-9 Men’s Vintage Gold

Casio A168WG-9 Men's Vintage Gold

Case Plastic
Dimensions 35x8mm
Mechanism Quartz
Glass Acrylic
Strap Metal
Features Daily alarm, hourly time signal, stopwatch, Water Resistant, ELBacklight, and auto calendar

Casio’s vintage gold watch, along with its features is also a fashion accessory that many men like to wear. It comes in all gold color with a small rectangle digital dial that shows time and calendar. This affordable and small watch features backlit, daily alarms, hourly indication, and stopwatch.

Moreover, it is slightly water-resistant, can only withstand splashes, but it is better to keep it away because the color might wear off. No worries about the batter, too, because the seven years of battery life it offers is impressive. To sum up, it is affordable, fashionable, and a convenient watch that lasts for a long time.

Good Bad
Fashionable Wear off under water

Review On AmazonCasio F91W-1 Classic

Casio F91W-1 Classic

Case  Resin
Dimensions 33x8mm
Mechanism Quartz
Glass Mineral
Strap Resin
Features Calendar, alarm, Luminous dial, chronograph functions, 50m water resistant

 Casio has always been a well-known brand for watches offering a wide range with durability and reliability. Its classic digital watches come at a lower price and provide useful specs that help in every way possible. This classic watch comes in durable resin that does not damage or wear off easily. It runs on a dependable quartz hand movement that is helpful in the long run.

The small rectangle dial that also illuminates shows time and calendar in large numbers. Moreover, watch also has an alarm function, hourly time signal, chronograph, countdown timer, and measuring modes i.e., net time, split time, and first/second place. It is water-resistant for only 50m, meaning it can only withstand splash and nothing more.

Good Bad
Affordable Small display
Minimal Scratchable dial glass
Practical features

Review On Amazon


A watch is a necessary item, and digital watches are the most reliable and inexpensive. Here we have reviewed to provide you with the best digital watches for men under 50 dollars. These watches provide great features for everyday life and make things easier. Moreover, It showed what to look for in a watch and how to choose the best one according to your liking.

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